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ACE Buckles has been a leading supplier of promotional and recognition belt buckles for over 20 years now. We’ve grown up customizing original buckle designs for high profile clients in a variety of industries – whether your focus is Sports / Corporate Recognition / Retail Branding / Corporate Incentive / Entertainment – we’ll bring your concepts to life!

We recognize that branding and logo recognition is king in any business today – let us help you make the best of your first impression. Whether you’re looking for a new supplier to better guarantee those valuable orders you’re now placing, or starting from scratch – we’ll look after all the details and help you through every aspect of creating your own lines of custom belt buckles.

Let ACE Buckles build something truly unique, totally customized as you see fit, for your next project or event. We promise it will be something treasured for many years to come!


Your Imagination + Our Expertise = Endless Possibilities!

There’s no question that there are less expensive ways to promote or reward, but in the long run, it’s been proven that people cherish and retain for many years, items of quality and craftsmanship, rather than your typical giveaway item. And more importantly, belt buckles are a high profile clothing accessory that normally represents a cause or vision when displayed by the wearer, and if customized to their group or organization, there is no better body jewelry available.
Belt buckles are today experiencing a true revival of their popularity – both from a fashion and recognition perspective. They are once again an integral accessory of men's and women's wardrobes.

Many people might think that belt buckles got their start in the early days of the Western frontiers, but that’s just not so. Many a cowboy preferred to wear suspenders to hold up their pants, whereas the many buckles of the American westerns really only represented the fashion preferences of Hollywood. Though the western style buckle is still a very sought after design template – it shares its spotlight with many other interesting custom shapes in the ACE Buckles line of belt buckles – all unique in their own right.

Belt Buckles have evolved through the many centuries, taking design elements from around the globe to form the myriad of design templates utilized by ACE Buckles today. Some notable buckle wearers of the past include both men and women from the Asian Bronze age around 2000 BC, with modifications made and displayed through the Middle Ages. In those times, it was only the rich and/or powerful who could afford to purchase the materials needed for the manufacture of these fine buckles. Not always for fashion, belts and buckles served as functional parts of the wardrobe in days gone by – from a holder of swords to a closure for tunics and robes – many a belt and buckle were fastened as part of a uniform of battle and pageantry.

The use of a buckle to complete the look of a uniform is not lost on the market of today – with many of the most popular lines of buckles being designed and worn by the professions of today. For instance, still a representation of status and rank, military buckles in many cases are designed to illustrate rank and perhaps decorative vital information. Additionally, many professions have chosen to use belt buckles to signify their association or affiliations, such as the police / firefighters / truck drivers / tradesman / veterans / motorcycle clubs – and of course the traditional rodeo or western belt buckle. More and more people in today's society realize that the belt buckle can definitely personalize and dress up a uniform of any sort – and offer some expression of individuality so important to all of us!

Today’s fashion buckles are once again an integral part of a person's wardrobe for both men and women. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs – in many cases through ACE Buckles with no additional mould or die charges to the purchaser. Many metals are available for your selection – some for their practical strength – and some for their beauty and polishing attributes. Fine Pewter is one of the most popular choices today – with the added selling feature of being totally lead free and carrying a very high perceived value. There’s something for everyone – all it takes is a little imagination to realize your vision.

Custom belt buckles are a great way to show your individuality, while strengthening your brand or recognition with your clients and customers. Whether you create a stylized version of your corporate or team logo / a favorite design theme of your organization or group / a collector’s item of your favorite pastime or hobby, your unique flare does not have to come at any great expense to the members of your group – nor should it.

Here at ACE Buckles, we work very hard with our suppliers to ensure that we keep our ‘minimum’ volume quantities and ‘domestic pricing’ among the lowest in North America. With most popular designs manufactured in two-dimensional format, you may even avoid unnecessary ‘die or mould charges’ as a result of volume and preferred pricing that we’ve negotiated over our long association with our manufacturers.

If your budget allows, or your design demands it, we have many manufacturing techniques to enhance the value of your custom designs. We can elevate the appeal of your image using various layering and 3D processes at our fingertips – or perhaps steer you towards the use of photographic enhancements that represent your image in halftone photo format – or perhaps create your design in a highly polished die-struck brass material. As you can see, there really are no limitations to the level of quality you can achieve.
As mentioned earlier, you certainly don’t have to be part of a rodeo circuit to appreciate belt buckles anymore – we have customers from every walk of life today looking to represent their organization on this high profile fashion accessory.

For instance – you might be:

  • A Corporation looking to reward your employees with buckles for safe or exceptional behavior
  • A Trade or Profession wanting buckles to celebrate your commitment with others in your membership
  • A Military unit or squadron using buckles to remember the tight bonds formed within your ranks
  • A Sports Team or Event Promoter wanting to award the belt buckles as prizes to participants
  • A Band or Record label looking to sell your collector buckles as part of your promotions
  • A Bike group or Affiliation wanting to strengthen your membership with club-specific buckles
  • A Corporate entity looking to reinforce your brand with your clients using buckles as gifts or incentives
  • An Organization looking to launch a new concept or product line with custom shaped buckle designs
  • A Community group rewarding the commitment of volunteers with insignia buckles
  • A Designer launching a new line of custom buckles as part of your overall fashion statement
  • A Town or City awarding custom community designed buckles as gifts to visiting dignitaries
  • A Family celebrating a reunion or special event using buckles to hold their family ties tight and secure
  • A Tourist attraction looking to sell custom belt buckles as keepsakes or mementoes of happy times enjoyed

Whatever the cause – we have the design team
and the experience to bring your imagination to life!


Custom belt buckles made the way you want - large and small, antique and bling bling, shiny, with or without color, round, square, any shape, gold, silver, bronze, personalized the way you want.

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