We custom make belt buckles based on your unique design, logo, concept, colors & branding.
YES, We Can Make Your Custom Buckle - Over 440,000 made so far!
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Custom Military (Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine) Buckles
See dozens of samples below that we have made recently
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  • We can custom make belt buckles, coins, key tags, dog tags, ornaments for your group
  • Our minimum order sizes are as low as 10 pieces, but we can also process orders in the 1000's of pieces
  • Just send along any design ideas that you have - maybe your unit logo/patch, or a sketch - whatever you have
  • Our artists will work up some designs for your to consider
  • Almost any shape is possible
  • You can decide if you want color or not
  • We make it easy to order custom buckles for your team/unit or event
  • Keep in mind that custom belt buckles, ornaments and challenge coins are also great for fundraising for veterans and support groups

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Custom Military Buckles
Send Your Logo and we'll send you a mock-up of how it will look

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Custom Military Buckles
Send Your Logo and we'll send you a mock-up of how it will look

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Custom Military Buckles
Send Your Logo and we'll send you a mock-up of how it will look

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Custom Military Buckles
Send Your Logo and we'll send you a mock-up of how it will look

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Web belt fastener Web belt fastener Web belt fastener Web belt fastener
We can make most designs for use with a web belt fastener
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We also make challenge coins

We would be pleased and honored to help you create a unique military belt buckle for your branch of the military.
Whatever the occasion – an event, reunion, celebrating an achievement, or recognizing veterans - we can custom design a buckle for your need.
We will work with you on your design for your squad, platoon, company, battalion, regiment or other group – from as few as 10 pieces to 1000’s of pieces.
Past customers include:
  • Various Squadrons, Battalions, Divisions, Regiments and Teams
  • Corps of Engineers, Infantry, Cavalry, Armor, Medical, Police, Air Ambulance, EOD, Intelligence, Signal, Support, Ordnance
  • Various Naval buckles (often with web belts) for Aircraft Carriers, Frigates, Destroyers, Missile ships, etc.
  • Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine
  • General pieces such as for Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Commemorative pieces for the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial, Military Academy Alumni, OEF Veterans and those celebrating the accomplishment of specific goals

Recent Customer Photo:
3 Bravo Skull Crushers
3 Bravo Skull Crushers 4/42 Field Artillery, 3rd Platoon of Bravo Battery, 1st Brigade Combat Team of 4th Infantry Division

"Here is the photograph that we made here in Farah, Afghanistan. It's a picture of our platoon -  we are ALL wearing our belt buckles made by your company. Thanks again.'

'Everyone was very pleased, I am now in the process of designing another belt buckle, and passed your information to other teams to get them started with their own designs."

PFC  (Farah, Afghanistan)
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Zinc Antique
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We ship worldwide, including APO/FPO (such as Iraq & Afghanistan)

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